La Vivianne

La Vivianne’s  

Limited - Edition

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Terms & Conditions

  1. Minimum order: between 50-100 units, some may require 500-1000 units, you will know the minimum order by checking each product page and see the lowest minimum we offer on that specific product, if the product shows 50 units price as lowest minimum then the minimum is 50 and so on.
  2. Prices on the website: if the product shows it is packaged in a jar or bottle then the price includes the product and the bottle/ jar, if the product does not show there is a bottle or a jar included in the price then the price is only for the product.
  3. Lead time: In general, 6-8 weeks start from the day we get the payment on the invoice + all materials, labels, boxes and everything else related to your order.
  4. Payment terms: In general, 100% in advance by wire transfer, no exception. We may accept other payments terms such as 50% in advance and balance before delivery for clients we already worked with for a certain period of time and at specific sales volume.
  5. Samples ordering: you can order on the website if product offered as a sample and can be ordered or you can email the list of samples you are interested in and your address so our sales team can work on the final cost for you. Online samples ordering is for US customers only; International customers need to email with the samples they are interested in purchasing with their address we will then email them back with the final cost.
  6. Most of our products require a minimum purchase (usually 50 units), and product pages explain pricing per unit too. Review: CN-Eximus’ WholeLife.Global Products for Export for additional information.
  7. Ordering through our website is possible, and if you are not in the USA, you can email us directly to request specific samples.
    • You will have to submit your shipping details, and I can then get back to you with costs for your sample request to be sent to you.
  8. All prices are FOB from one of our Long Island, New York facilities.