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  1. "Seize the Day" - Caviar Lipids & Proteins, protect during the day:
    • Caviar Captures their Raw Potential
    • Secret Radiance Caviar Day Cream / Protects Against the Elements
    • Caviar Extract is a Unique Essence of Cellular Complex, slows aging
  2. "Seize the NightNight creams, nourish during the night:
    • Personalize your indulgence in decadence
    • Natural Retinol Moisturizer 2.5 % Anti Aging Skin Moisturizing Cream
    • Vitamin A - B 5 - E : A Scientific Approach in Resisting The Elements
  3. "Seize the Strength" - Secret Caviar Eye Firming Gel

Future Production

  1.  "Seize your Perfection" - Secret Caviar Perfection Concentrate
  2.  "Seize the Look" - Natural Multi Effect Eye GEL
  3.  "Seize your Youth" - Corrector Secret Caviar Rejuvenating Mask
  4.  "Seize the Power" - Intensive recovery anti -age cream
  5.  "Seize the Glow" - Natural Luxury Beauty Face Oil
  6.  "Seize the Light"- Secret Caviar Anti-Age Cream & Dark Spot
  7. "Seize the Essence" - Natural Mud Mask/Activated Charcoal/Tea Tree Oil

La Vivianne’s Scientific Approach to Resisting the Elements

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