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The Rise of Sophisticated Natural Skin Care

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“We’ve seen a real shift in customers and how they want to personalize and experience beauty. The social media platforms have built awareness about alternatives. Customers want to explore new products, especially grouped around wellness, and unique skincare solutions,” says Vivian.

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La Vivianne's Skin Care Caviar Ingredient: 
Caviar is drawn from the sea where life began. Delicate methods of extraction, distillation, and blending result in a daring interpretation of Skin Care science. The essence of raw potential transformed Caviar from its natural state into potent isolated lipids and proteins capturing their unique power which helps increase firmness and elasticity. Over time the skin appears more supported, tightened and toned, with a feeling of suppleness.

Our manufacturers ongoing research and technological advancements allows

La Vivianne's Sophisticated Collection to evolve into major force within the skin care industry.

La Vivianne's Skin Care: Caviar / Lipids & Proteins - Gels / patented Peptide Matrixyl 3000 - Masks - and - Oils / 100% Natural of top quality organic plant oils and botanicals nourish and rejuvenate the skin's appearance. Our natural skin care from Sayville, NY, is specifically designed to assist skin in its defense system against the elements. during the day and especially during the night when the skin regenerates itself. It is a true feast for the senses. which offer an exquisite moment of indulgence with the delicate gesture of the application. The iconic sensorial experience features a modern interpretation of a rich texture that glides on skin smoothly, leaving it feeling exceptionally soft. Whether you’re looking for caviar cream, a mud mask, or eye firming gel, contact us today.


  • Hydrates and conditions;
  • Helps increase firmness and elasticity over time;
  • Prepares skin to absorb an infusion of caviar extract.


  • Delight in a unique, distinctive and enchanting experience  which our sophisticated overseas clients enjoy.

From the moment the cream glides onto the skin, the Caviar Collection transports you to a place of pure luxury.

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