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The rise of personalized skin care in Sayville, NY

The Rise of Sophisticated Skin Care

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Our face cream from Sayville, NY, will help you look and feel great

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“We’ve seen a real shift in customers and how they want to personalize skin care and experience beauty. The social media platforms have built awareness about alternatives. Customers want to explore beauty. The social media platforms have built awareness about alternatives. Customers want to explore new products, especially grouped around wellness, and unique skincare solutions,” says Vivian.

Vivian K is Founder and Managing Director of La Vivianne. She is a licensed health-care professional with 50 years of experience as a registered nurse, board certified integrative nurse health coach, and certified legal nurse consultant.
Vivian K's goal is to holistically elevate the mind and body with innovative skin care products containing vitamins and minerals to assist individuals, addressing their personal concerns. Our company has everything from day cream to eye firming gel.

“La Vivianne” products are sophisticated skin care from Sayville, NY, that “Practitioners Can Truly Believe In.”

On the path of discovering the most sought-after moisturizing secrets for ageless skin which arrest the

penultimate nature of aging.

To experience for myself the luxurious, advanced sophisticated formulas, discerning customers desire.

Moisturizing oneself to experience the raw potential of science and coming to an understanding that all wrinkles

are created unequal. However, to choose the wrinkle-fighting products best suited for my needs.

The three most common types and how to combat them:

Research shows that cells divide more slowly as you age, causing the inner layer of skin to thin and become prone

to damage and to lose its elasticity, resilience particularly around the eyes, along the fold that runs from the nose

to the corners of the mouth and along the jawline and neck.


Skin has a memory. Its cells track each squint, smile, and frown, and with these habitual facial movements,

expression lines begin to form and deepen with time.


For healthier, stronger, smoother skin, it is best to limit sun exposure. Scientific studies show the sun causes

more than 80 percent of visible changes commonly attributed to skin aging.

La Vivianne

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cGMP Compliant for personal skin care

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