La Vivianne

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''Seize the Difference''


 "La Vivianne"

Rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6, Invigorates and Slows the Aging Process Considerably."

Our Formulations Make the Skin More Radiant and Youthful.

By dealing directly with consumers online, our prices are significantly lower.

Amazing Skin Care Products

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Caviar Symbolizes Luxury

Seize the Day Product
  • 1. "Seize the Day" - Caviar Lipids & Proteins, protect during the day:
    • Caviar Captures their Raw Potential;
    • Secret Radiance Caviar Day Cream / Protects Against the Elements;
    • Caviar Extract is a Unique Essence of Cellular Complex which slows aging.
  • @ $54.90
Seize the Night Product
  • 2. "Seize the Night" - Night creams, nourish during the night:
    • Personalize your indulgence in decadence;
    • Natural Retinol Moisturizer 2.5% is an Anti Aging Skin Moisturizing Cream;
    • Vitamin A - B 5 - E: A Scientific Approach in Resisting The Elements.
  • @ $51.75
Eye Serum La Vivianne
  • 3. “Seize the Strength - Secret Caviar Eye Firming Gel;
    • Caviar Extract works in conjunction with Marine Collagen, Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid & other luxuriant ingredients to amplify this gels rejuvenating potential! Applied to the entire face or targeted zones. Luxury Anti-Aging Caviar Eye Gel- Works Best At a Cellular Level to Instantly Firm, Hydrate & Rejuvenate to Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles.
  • @ $54.90

Consumer Note:
In the United States & Canada, any product that is only labeled CAVIAR must come from Sturgeon Roe.

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La Vivianne

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Caviar - Gels - Mask - Oils





For All Skin Types  

"Seize the Day" @ $54.90

"Seize the Night" @ $51.75

"Seize the Strength" @ $54.90


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“Made in the U.S.A."

La Vivianne

"Worked Perfectly for 87% of the Users"


Why Use La Vivianne?

Our most effective Day - Night Creams - Caviars - Gels - Masks and Oils assist in arresting the aging process, to help soften visible signs of aging, allowing the skin to appear more youthful. Take advantage of our amazing skin care products from Sayville, NY.

Cosmetologists, spas, and makeup artists have weighed in on the side of encouraging women to use a different product for daytime care than they do for nighttime.  During the day, skin is subject to damaging UV rays, pollution, environmental stresses, and makeup, so creams designed for use during the day are primarily focused on protection and support.

When used daily, these skin care products will gently and effectively smooth skin, noticeably reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and visibly improve discoloration.

Beautiful Skin

A perfect combination of forward thinking:

La Vivianne's Skin Care: Caviar - Gels - Masks - and Oils nourish and rejuvenate the skin's appearance. Specifically designed to assist skin in its defense system against the elements. During the day and especially during the night when the skin regenerates itself. So choose one product or choose two, or choose our whole cupboard full.

As long as you’re protected from the sun during the day,
It is up to you to decide what fits your daily skin routine and your pocketbook.

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